The Future Hospital Roundtable

Central to the Sheba Summit 2018, “The Future Hospital: Setting Strategies for 2030 and Beyond”, is the opportunity to consider ideas about future healthcare in a roundtable setting. Three groups, each focusing on a unique topic, will develop key messages in order to meet the challenges facing the hospitals of tomorrow.

The three roundtables are:

1. The evolving structure, design and function of leading hospitals
2. The expanding role for the leading hospitals in community-based patient care
3. Developing medical professions and new professional roles

1. The evolving structure, design and function of leading hospitals

This roundtable will consider the changes in structure, organization and function within the hospital. With the inpatient model downsizing and changing in role, how does the academic health center stay relevant as the optimal center of care, master the outpatient services and treatment zone, enhance the patient experience and reconstruct itself for these purposes? What will be the added value of the future hospital in the provision of healthcare? How does a leading hospital become a leading center for medical innovation and for the development and application of advanced medical technologies?

2. The expanding role of leading hospitals in community-based patient care

The academic health center must adapt to the evolving medical practice patient-centered and personalized care. How can you take the “hospital” to the patient and navigate collaboration with primary or community-based patient care systems? As medical practice evolves, with more personalized and remote medicine, how will the treatment of patients who were traditionally hospitalized be managed? How can the hospital best integrate and coordinate care with the patient in the home and with their community-based care, all outside the walls of the hospital? How will the academic health center accommodate this new environment in its other roles as a medical research and training facility?

3. New and changing medical professions and roles

The medical profession is undergoing changes and new healthcare-related occupations are developing even now. What new medical professions, skills and specialties will be required in the hospital of the future? What part will the evolving patient-doctor relationship, new technologies, robotics and AI play in these developments? And how will these changes and related technologies impact the education and training of future doctors and nurses?

The Summit participants will present their thoughts and ideas at two roundtable sessions. Ultimately, the concluding session of the Summit will aim to integrate the key points and action items generated by all three roundtables into a roadmap that will provide guiding principles for leading academic medical centers to prepare for the changing health care environment over the next two decades and beyond